Punk As Fuck Scientist Ejected From Concert For Crowdsurfing to Handel

4 months ago

…I wonder, I really do, if it is me procrastinating subconsciously on wrapping up new albums. It really is a scary thing… once you’re done it’s like… ok: does you likey? what should I work on now?

Blending, mending, never ending | Luke Janela - Cellist, Singer-Songwriter

Spend less time trying to fix broken things and more time making things that don’t need to be fixed. Practice, recording, life.

Shadow / ernst reijseger / Harmen Fraanje / Werner Herzog (by fourstringbassclef)

Wow. This gentleman is fantastic. I remember needing to know WHO?! after seeing Cave of Forgotten Dreams… and lucky for me he has several fantastic albums.

Som Sabadell flashmob - BANCO SABADELL (by Banco Sabadell)

The best songwriters are brutally efficient.

When recording pitchy instruments, strings a great example, don’t wear the headphones tightly over both ears. On the ear closest to your instrument (left for most if not all cello players) only put the headphone halfway over your ear, or even all the way off. Leave the headphone on your other ear. It’s amazingly easier to judge intonation this way. Works for vocals too! I wish I had learned this years ago.

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Wonderland by Midnight Door (by theMIDNIGHTDOOR)

Landfill Harmonic teaser (by LandfillHarmonic)


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